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Month: September 2016

Zimdancehall King Soul Jah Love Sadly Dies

Popular Zimdancehall Chanter Saul Musaka, affectionately known by many as Mwana Wasthembeni, or Soul Jah Love is no more. Musaka was pronounced dead upon arrival at Mbuya Dorcas clinic in Harare. Apparently, he could have died moments earlier.  From very humble beginnings, living in the street, Sauro's life was they typical rags to riches story. Indeed, he was an inspiration to many ghetto youths. From hauite, chibaba, chigunduru, kuponda nhamo to chigunduru, he coined many catch phrases that have become part of contemporary street lingo. Inevitably, the gap he leaves is difficult to fill by all standards. In the formative years of contemporary Zimdancehall music, Jah Love's fierce rivalry with Seh Calaz, was the talking point. So intense was the tension that they could not share the...