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Covid 19 Statistics as at 24 February 2021

The pandemic is indeed wreaking havoc worldwide, though a lot of progress has been made in taming and controlling it. Encouragingly, the newly introduced vaccines, gradually being administered across the world, will go a long way in mitigating the disastrous effects of the pandemic. Herein we give a brief summary of the current statistics


Global cases currently stand at 112 085 967, with deaths clocking 2,484,865. Most deaths have been recorded in the US (502,594), Brazil (248,529), and Mexico (181,809). Worldwide, recoveries stand at 63,267,510, with India (10,712,665), Brazil (9,189,903), and Russia (3,697,787) leading the pack in that regard.

For more on the global statistics, visit the John Hopkins University webpage.


For Africa, Covid 19 cases stand at 3,845,128, most of which are in the Southern region (1,822,920). Furthermore, deaths and recoveries are at 101,620 and 3,391,585 respectively.

For more African Covid 19 Statistics, visit the African CDC webpage.

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