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Covid 19 Testing Centres Near You: Get Tested Today

Covid 19 test results are being required now at every turn for various purposes. Largely, a Covid 19 test certificate is a must have. Thus it is key to not only be tested, but to know where credible tests are done. Here we give you an inexhaustive list of the main testing centres per each province.

Where to get tested.

Province Institution
Harare Wilkins Hospital
Bulawayo Thorngroove
Masvingo Masvingo Provincial Hospital
Manicaland Mutare provincial Hospital
Midlands Gweru Provincial Hospital
Mashonaland West Kadoma General Hospital
Matabeleland South Beithbridge District Hospital
Matabeleland North Victoria Falls hospital
Mashonaland East Marondera Hospital
Mashonaland Central Bindura Provincial Hospital
main covid 19 testing centres per province.

Why not get tested today?

So there we go. Surely, no one should be fleeced by unscrupulous con artists. Go to these institutions and get tested. Also ask about the vaccines. We now have the vaccines available too. All information you may need is available at these institutions.

No time for conspiracies.

Surely, we need not base our decisions on the non-scientific conspiracies. Indeed, all we need to know can be obtained free of charge. Understandably, a lot of our people are in panic emanating mostly from misinformation. Everywhere, falsehoods abound regarding Covid 19 tests, vaccines, treatment, origins and so forth. Make sure you log onto credible, official sites to get correct information.

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