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Lifetime Opportunity: Lady Wants Smart Ben ten to Date

Stringent Covid 19 restrictions have been lifted. Surely it is time to enjoy. But to do so responsibly. As a single mom, I could not have asked for more, because I need a Ben Ten.

ben ten needed
ben ten needed

Loyal Ben Ten around?

Nonsi is my name. I stay in Mpumalanga. Lust before the most recent lockdown, I had a wonderful ben ten. He was cute, intelligent, and smart. Apparently he looked loyal, but he ran away last week.

Wanted is a loyal boy below 40. Obviously, any age around that still does. He is wanted urgently, but meeting the standards. I have enough money, cars, houses and business. Also, I fend for myself, and do not need anybody’s money. I just need someone for mutual enjoyment.

The Specs

A school going boy is still fine. I will pay fees and all expenses for free. My house and cars will be yours. Also, loaded bank accounts are at your disposal. Jut pass the test. I promise to flaunt you around and go together on holidays overseas. If one remains loyal and obedient, good life is at your disposal. As long as you remember I am the boss of the house, good life is guaranteed.

Are you interested in a blesser? You are sure you are the right candidate? Whatsapp me now on +27740987764 and we arrange. Good luck

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